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Feeling creative? With our new online design studio, take your creative ideas and turned them into your desired product.

Lack of inspiration or design know-how? We come to your aid with some creative templates made by the team. Settled on your design. With Printfly now it's easier than ever to promote your business with flyers, business cards, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, posters, or give your loved one a unique gift, such as a personalized T-shirt, greeting cards, or invitation at an event you organize. Once you have finished creating the design, add everything to the cart, and we will print the desired products on the highest quality materials and using the most modern and high-performance equipment.

Working with a budget?
 Printfly can offer you great value, sharp turnaround and a quality finish at affordable prices, you gain valuable time because you no longer have to travel to a printing house or make countless calls. We deliver to every city in the country as soon as possible - even within 24 hours.

Running out of paper or low on staples?
We have a wide variety of office essentials for your home or business in our online store.


Printfly previously known as West Auckland Copy Shop is an Auckland based print shop established in 2011 inside the Chancery Chambers heritage building - a central Auckland landmark built in the 1920s. The goal then and now is to provide professionals with helpful and affordable printing, copying and scanning services. 

The team at Printfly aim for the fastest turnaround times and best quality printing, so you can focus on the next task or meeting instead of being tied to the copier for hours waiting on that all-important document.

If you are looking for speed, quality, professional level of service and confidentiality, send your enquiry to most reliable printing services specialists. If you’re not happy with the job, we’ll redo it – guaranteed.